Thursday, July 5, 2007

Second Lake to Dissapear in Chile

Germanico Vaca

Another warning and the world keeps ignoring a grave situation that the planet has entered into the fastest climate change in its history. Lakes and glaciers have taken decades even centuries to change, now in a matter of days they have simply vanished. On July 3 scientist blamed global warming for the disappearance of a glacial lake in remote southern Chile that faded away in a matter of weeks, all that remains is a 130 foot deep crater behind the disappearance of the lake in Bernardo O'Higgins National Park.

The melting of glaciers and lakes in South American mountains had been predicted by French and Swiss scientist working together with geologist of South America. Most of their warning have been ignored. The melting of the Glaciers can cause a rapid increase on the Ocean levels with devastating consequences for cities that are barely above sea level.

The chilean scientist Gerardo Rivera said that the bottom of the vanished lake has some water, likely from the melting ice. Similar phenomenon have occurred before in the southern Magallanes region.

As glaciers retreat lakes form behind natural dams of ice or moraine, earth and stones pushed up by a glacier. Those relatively weak dams can be breached suddenly, causing the lake to drain.
The advance and retreat of glaciers is part of the normal dynamics of the Patagonia but climate change was distorting the process, Rivera said.

"This would not be happening if the temperature had not increased," Rivera said.
The navy communique said the missing lake was the smaller of a two-lake system. The larger one remains but at a lower level.

I believe that the world must act quickly and I have a plan in place for the reforestation of Ecuador.

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